How to first aid for blisters using scald wound dressings

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Scald accident It’s an accident that happens often. and often occurs within the home Today we’re going to take everyone to see how we will have first aid methods for blisters. Is it enough to just apply a scald wound dressing? If not, what methods can be use? Let’s see.

What is a scald wound? 

Usually the doctor divides burns. Scalds are classified into 3 levels according to their depth or severity as follows: 

  1. Level 1 is a wound only on the epidermis. There will be no signs of infection. The skin may be red and swollen. but no signs of blistering and will gradually subside
  2. Grade 2 is a deep injury to the dermis. Edema of the skin Wounds can get infect.
  3. Level 3: The skin is damage by heat, very burning. Difficult to heal depending on the size of the wound.

first aid

for scald wounds Wash with clean water at normal temperature. Or may wash the wound with mild soap or saline to clean the wound. But the key is Do not use ice or cold water. or toothpaste absolutely because it may cause the wound to spread or infected 

In case of blisters or blisters It is not recommended to pierce it. Let the blisters gradually dry out on their own. because it may cause infection as well But if the wound breaks Let us apply fresh wound healing or betadine. to disinfect

What medicine does the scald wound ointment contain?

For anyone who has scald wound salve Can be apply to the wound. After cleaning with plain water or mild soap. Most of the drugs contain extracts from pine trees that help to relieve pain. and reduce inflammation This will help the blister symptoms gradually improve accordingly.  

If I don’t have a scald wound dressing, what can I use instead?

For some people at home. There is no scald wound salve at home. I would like to know what can I use instead? 

  • aloe vera gel Aloe vera is a medicinal plant in Thailand that has a cool effect. And also help heal wounds If the house has aloe vera. Let us peel it off then clear the mucus Then applied to the scald wound instead of salve for scald wounds Or if anyone has aloe vera gel, it can be applied as well. 
  • Vaseline  Scald skin tends to lack moisture. Applying Vaseline to the skin will help increase moisture effectively. Usually, each house has Vaseline attached to it on a regular basis.
  • This olive oil  is recommended to be applied regularly. To help heal wounds and make the wound heal faster 

This is the first aid for scald skin. But if the wound is second degree or higher. Or get scalded in hot water at a risk of danger like the face should not be careless. It’s best to see a doctor for treatment.