What does the location of acne say? take him to solve the problem

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Ladies, do you know that acne occurs in each position? Are signaling various diseases as well, so anyone who has repeated acne problems or up at the same position often Let’s see that. What are the signs that the pimples appearing in these areas are telling women?

Forehead Pimples
appear on the forehead. May be due to abnormal bowel function, including the girls are stressed. Therefore, it is recommended to relieve stress, take a break and eat foods that contain antioxidants and beneficial microorganisms.

left and right temples
Acne appears on the left and right temples. This may be due to problems with the bladder and adrenal glands of women, as well as problems in digestion. Therefore it is advisable to drink plenty of water. and eat easily digestible food along with relaxing stress

Between the eyebrows and around the eyebrows
Pimples appear between and around the eyebrows. It may be due to a malfunction of the liver. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce eating spicy food. Avoid high-fat foods and alcoholic beverages and go to bed early.

around both eyes
Pimples appear around both eyes. Maybe it’s because the girls have allergy problems Therefore, it is advisable to rest a lot. eat nutritious food as well as treating and controlling allergies

Pimples appear on the nose area. This may be because the heart’s pumping rate is low and the woman is not moving. Therefore, it is advisable to keep exercising to stimulate the heart system to be able to pump blood at full efficiency. However, if the body pumps low blood for a long time It can lead to various serious diseases.

Both upper cheeks
Pimples appear on both upper cheeks or cheekbones. It may be because of the lungs of the girls. being attacked by pollution, cigarette smoke and allergens Therefore, it is recommended that girls who have to live with dependence on public transport on a regular basis Should wear a mask to prevent pollution and dust. and regularly find time to breathe fresh air

lower cheeks on both sides
Acne on both lower cheeks Maybe it’s because the girls Problems with gums and teeth Therefore, it is advisable to keep an eye on the oral health area. If there is a problem, immediately see a dentist to find a way to continue treatment.

pimples on the ear It may be because the kidneys are working hard. Therefore, it is advisable to keep drinking plenty of water. and trying to reduce eating salty foods and cut down on caffeinated beverages

Side of the corner of the mouth
Acne appears at the side of the corner of the mouth. This could be due to an imbalance in hormonal levels caused by stress. Therefore, it is advisable to rest a lot. Find activities that help you relax, do it often.

left and right lips
Acne appears on the left and right lips. Maybe it’s because the girls have a problem with the ovaries The acne that appears in this area usually occurs during menstruation. by the main reason It may be due to hormonal fluctuations. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain the balance of the body by eating nutritious food and exercising regularly.

Acne appears on the chin area. It may be because the stomach and intestines of girls are not functioning properly, so it is advisable to refrain from eating food that is difficult to digest and refrain from eating junk food. Along with choosing to eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in high fiber. It helps the digestive system work well. Plus, it’s another way to detox the intestines.

For women who suspect that acne recurs in the same location. What are you signaling? Suggest you try observing your own body. Does it match what we have said above? If they are similar or similar, advise women to consult a specialist. to continue receiving the correct treatment. INFO : UFABET