Anthony reveals the hour when he lifts the score for the debut of Manchester United.

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New Manchester United striker Anthony recalls his debut and scoring in front of fans at Old Trafford over the weekend after seeing the bottom of the net sway up and down when the ball hits. It gave him goosebumps.

The Brazilian twirled the ball in goal in the 3-1 defeat to Arsenal, giving Erik ten Hag ‘s men four straight wins to five in the table. From the first two matches of the day, sink the plum.  

To describe the feeling of such a moment, the 22 -year -old striker can only say one word that he is so perfect that his arms are erect. UFABET 

“ Marcus Rashford gave the perfect gift. So when I arrived, I almost didn’t have to do anything, ” he said via ‘ MU TV ‘ .

“ Glance at the goalkeeper. The same moment that the ball arrives in the perfect position. Then I succeeded. Glad to be able to see it instinctively. ” 

“ Scoring the first goal in a Manchester United shirt and sharing good times with the fans. What a wonderful atmosphere. Awesome. ” 

“ To be honest, I had goosebumps since I stepped onto the field. It held up because he knew how much he wanted to be here , knowing that Red Army needed this. ” 

“ Looking at the ball hitting the bottom of the net He expressed his emotions as he saw. Yes, I had goosebumps back then. ”

“ As for the good posture after scoring a goal My friends know what I want to convey – it’s a tiger pose. They know that appearance is my joy. ” 

Anthony took the opportunity to bring his friends to celebrate the grand opening dinner in the heart of Manchester. Wait for the next match in the Europa League group stage against Real Sociedad (  8 Sept. )