Pep warns Manchester City not to let Haland carry the European Championship.

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has urged his players to help them win the European Championship. Not throwing the whole burden on Erling Haaland a great football striker.

Haaland has been an outstanding starter as Manchester City have scored 10 league goals. And are seen as a key jigsaw puzzle to help them reach their first European Championship. 

Pep said: “Every player we have signed. They try to make us stronger. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.”  UFABET

“Will they help us win trophies, I don’t know, but if we rely on everything at Erling we won’t win the Champions League. We have to try to create chances for him to score goals.” 

Spanish coach also mentioned that Sevilla rivals in the first match on Tuesday “They’re not just defensive games that (we) have to worry about. They are aggressive and we have to be prepared.”

“This tournament is full of enthusiasm. In a field like this, there are more. We have to prepare well.”

Talks about the expectation that Haaland will help Man. City have successfully unlocked the championship. “Every player who comes here The club bought them to make our team better. which is reasonable.”

“If we go to rely on Erling alone We won’t be able to win the title.”

“Hopefully we can win the title. He was here because we believed in him. We don’t have a striker and he feels he can play with us.”