Popular roulette types.

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In addition to the 3 types of Popular roulette games that we have already mentioned. You can also choose to play other versions, the features of each game type are different. Let’s look at the details Popular roulette together.

Mini roulette game

Mini version of roulette with a small wheel. Consisting of only 12 numbers, this game is perfect for beginners. or players who like easy-to-play games And because the number of slots is reduced than normal games. resulting in the advantage of the dealer Mini Roulette has a house edge of up to 7.89% and may have a smaller number of side betting options, and uses the La Partage rules, meaning players can place their money in this slot. To guarantee that if the ball lands in the green box (number 0), the player gets half of their bet back UFABET 

Double Ball Roulette

The fun of the game will increase. When you choose to play double ball roulette A game with the same purpose as the classic version. but instead of waiting for the outcome of a single ball was changed to 2 balls instead, which means The player wins only when both balls are settled on the bet option, e.g. black-box bets. The player wins when both balls fall into the black-box. Like odd, even and high, low, etc., the house edge of this game is 5.33%. Suitable for players who want a new challenge. from classic casino games.

Multi wheel roulette

The name of the game indicates the challenge that the player will receive. If you choose to play roulette with multiple wheels, that means after the player has placed their bets. You can win up to 6-8 reels per bet in a single round during the game. The system will allow players to choose how many reels they want to play in that round. which the more you select multiple wheels. The maximum bet will automatically increase. A special feature for this game on some platforms. Players can choose to be Fast Play to make the game take less time per round and produce results faster.