World Cup green light, fans who have tickets to buy beer 3 hours before the game.

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2022 World Cup host Qatar allows fans with tickets to attend games Beer can be purchased 3 hours. Before the match starts and 1 hour after the football game ends.

The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar later this year. It will be the first to be held on a Muslim land that is deeply strict about alcohol. 

As such, it becomes a challenge for tournament organizers and events. It is support by alcohol. Which is indistinguishable from all drinking fans UFABET

A source told Reuters: “Beer will be available when the stadium gates open. (to enter the perimeter of the field). Which is three hours before the start of the game. Anyone who wants to buy beer can do it. As well as an hour after the end of the race.”

However, permission to sell beer is a special case at the World Cup later this year. It will only be sold to fans who have tickets to enter the stadium. And will not be sold inside the court during 90 minutes of play.

This World Cup is sponsor by famous beer Budweiser from the United States. 

This year’s world cup It was the first time it was held in a Muslim country. Strictly controlled alcohol This is a challenge for the beer organizers who are the main sponsors and the fans who drink beer. by consuming alcohol in public It is illegal in Qatar.