Lazio praised his team’s strong spirit.

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Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri praised his football team’s strong spirit after defeating Napoli 2-1 in Serie A on Saturday night.

The “Blue-White Eagles” lost in the first two games in an unbelievable way. But this game was able to beat the “former champion” excellently. And they could have scored more if goals from Mattia Saccagli and Matteo Guendouzi had not been confiscated. 

“It was a good performance. The first half we were under pressure. But after coming back to play again I thought we controlled the game well.” Sarri told DAZN Lazio

“We had two chances to make it 3-1, it felt like additional goals had slipped away. It’s a shame it wasn’t, for one it looked like it would be no problem from the bench. They said it was just a slight miss. As for the second child, they probably argued all night.”UFABET.

“The second half of our game proved that fitness was not an issue. It’s just a matter of mentality and today we were extremely strong because we persevered under pressure. Maintain concentration very well. Even though he was able to send two balls into the bottom of the net. But he was not counted and took home the victory. This is something that didn’t happen in the first two games.”